POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 19

This mistress loves to have all sorts of fun and today was no exception as she used her hot body to turn on this guy and then manipulate him for her own enjoyment. The mistress facesat on him and she did crazy things to him that he could not resist. And that is how she managed to use her ass to have fun at the expense of the horny loser.

Lady Demona wanted to dominate this guy and also make memories at his expense. So the mistress got the guy turned on because she was aware that when he was turned on, he gave up a lot of control to her. And that is what she used to dominate the guy and she enjoyed crushing as well as humiliating him and she caught all of it on camera to watch later.

With such a hot ass, mistress Nika knew that she could use her ass as bait And indeed she went ahead to use it as such. The mistress showed off her hot ass and she got the guy wild and bothered. She knew that once she had control over him, it would be a free ticket to making all the decisions for him as she would be in control of him and that would make him her very powerful.

Mistress Gaia was paid to teach this guy that he was supposed to toe the line and to do things the way he had been asked to do. That he did not have the chance or luxury of doing things his way. The mistress used her skill to make him realize that he would lose out if he went on disobeying what he was supposed to learn and do without any issues.

Goddess Vanny had smelly feet and she used them to degrade this loser. She did it cruelly and made sure that the guy licked her saliva from her high heels and then she got the guy to endure the trampling of his balls using her heels. He was in a lot of pain but he could not do anything about it. He had to wait until the mistress felt it was time to let him go.

Goddess Lena dominated this guy and she made money out of it. The mistress got the guy to pay for what she had done to him and she made some good money as her services were not cheap. And the mistress still went ahead to dominate as well as humiliate him using her high heels which he had to lick. She then chased him from where she was and dominated him.

Lady Zora wanted to humiliate her boyfriend for fun. He had messed with her and she had to teach him a lesson. The kind that he had never been taught before. So the mistress used her sneakers which were dirty, to dominate as well as humiliate the boyfriend. She got him to lick her soles and also to lick her bare feet. It was fun for her but a nightmare for him.

Madame Marissa wore a plastic bag with her shoes so that she could have her feet get sweaty. She did it on purpose so that her slave would get to lick her sweaty feet. She was determined to dominate and to humiliate him which she did in a fantastic way. He did not have a way out of it and he had to lick her sweaty feet clean as she wnated.

Lady Zoey had tried to wait for this slave to change and be an honest person but he did not. But even by her standards, she had waited too long and it was now time to switch gears. So she used her hot ass to tease and deny him. The mistress farted on him and turned him into an ass slave. He could not do anything about it and had to rely on her forgiveness.

Mistress Linda more dangerous when she is bored than when she is angry. She knows how to control her anger but she does not know how to control her boredom. Today she was bored and she spent time humiliating her slave using her feet. She had him be a foot slave and then lick her feet as well as her socks. And she did it knowing he would never refuse.

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