POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 76

See this little key? It means "your" cock isn't your cock anymore! Princess Jenny owns it now and after locking you up in a chastity belt so you can't get hard anymore she teases you without mercy. See her sexy legs, Her hot tits and her tasty ass? Hell, this girl knows how to tease the hell out of a man! Too bad you can't take out your tiny dick and stroke it, right?

Lady Anja brought you to a public place - where you'll serve her! First she enjoys a cigarette and uses you as her human ashtray and spittoon. Afterwards she puts the cigarette out on your tongue and now you'll lick her disgusting dirty and muddy high heels clean - and don't stop just because someone walks nearby - you're Lady Anja's slave and EVERYONE can know about it!

Mistress Samira and Mistress Ronja prepare a nice pizza for her little slave bitch - YOU! After it got crushed under their boots they put their spit, horny skin, piss and armpit hair on it! Now it's your turn - enjoy your slave pizza

Lady Cathy brought her new boyfriend home and like a good cuckold slave you're already lying at her feet! She sits down on the couch makes out with her new man while you pathetic bitch look up to this guy kissing your mistress.

Mistress Jenny has no real use for you today so you'll serve her as her human chair! The second your head is lying on the chair you can see her perfect tasty ass coming down on you. "You can't breathe? You're in pain? NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM"

Lady Anja tells you to open your slave mouth for her so she can spit right into it before she spits on the floor and her cute ballerina shoes - which you'll lick clean - obviously!

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