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It was a hot day and mistress Van Licks wanted to cool off a bit. She did this in the pool as she smoked. She made her pool guy take a video of her having a great time smoking while playing in water. Since she just wanted to cool off, she did not bother swimming. She just floated in the water, sat and did other things but she did not swim. She did not even have her costume on.

This guy needed to be punished and this mistress was able and willing to do it. She did not want him to think that he was untouchable and that is why she went out of her way to use her heels to trample him. First of all, she told him what she wanted to do before she went ahead to do it and she ensured that he was not just humiliated, but in pain as well.

Mistress Valentina was trying to reason with this guy but he was illogical and she did not want to deal with him anymore. She chose to punish him when he started getting too personal about things, something she had not done. So the mistress trampled him and she scared him as it had caught him off guard and he was not prepared for what she did to him. He had to beg for forgiveness.

Missy Van Licks did not like how this guy misunderstood her and yet she had given him simple instructions. She was sure that if she did nothing, he would do it again. So she went out of her way to trample him and to dominate him with the help of her friends. They cruelly helped her to torture him and he learned that he could not fail to follow simple instructions.

Mistress Isabella took some lotion and she put it in a condom she had bought and she tricked her boyfriend that she had cheated on him. She was doing it because he had pissed her off badly. The guy was visibly pissed and disappointed but he did not know what to do as he had angered her. But she told him it was a lie in the end and he had never been so relieved in his life. He made amends.

Mistress Ava wanted to try spit femdom with her husband and she did it. She is a naughty girl and she did not want to let her sex life be boring. That is why she chose to spit on him and then lick it. In addition, the mistress asked her husband to lick her spit and it was naughty for all of them. They were turned on and they had a great time.

Goddess Mel loves doing naughty things. She does them for herself, for her fans and for her boyfriend, depending on what it is that she is doing. The mistress wanted to make a naughty pov video for her boyfriend and she used her ass to do it. She knew how much he loved her butt and so she made it the focal point of her video before she sent it to him.

Mistress Alexis felt that this guy had to be humiliated because he had humiliated her in front of her friends. She had played it cool and managed the situation well. But she did not forget it and when she got the time and the chance, she revenged by humiliating and degrading him. She used stinky feet to do it and he had no choice but to do all she asked.

Lady Fenja loves to do some naughty things and to be adventurous. The mistress wanted to make her boyfriend try a footjob. She did not want to fuck but she wanted to make him cum in a way he had never done before. So she made sure that her soft and sexy feet were extra soft today and she prepared them for the mission ahead. She wanted him to fuck her feet and cum in no time.

Goddess Katrina wanted to pass time. So she lit a cigarette and she used it to do so. She slowly exhaled smoke and she recorded herself as she tried to exhale it as slowly and as stylishly as possible. The mistress had fun doing it and she managed to pass time with just a single cigarette. She did not even need to light another one. And she looked very sexy doing it.

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