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Goddess Harley does not like to do the same thing twice and this is true of how she punishes slaves and losers. She wanted a new way to do it and that is why she opted to use her dirty feet to punish this guy as she had never done it before. The mistress had the guy lick them clean after she had threatened to crush him and his balls.

Mistress Dana loves to show off her hot feet. That is what she was up to today. She had this guy check out her feet and he loved them. She was skimpily dressed so he wanted more than she could offer. So she teased him a little and got him to jerk off in order to satisfy himself as she was not going to do anything remotely sexual with him that involved her to touch him.

This guy needed to be punished and this mistress was able and willing to do it. She did not want him to think that he was untouchable and that is why she went out of her way to use her heels to trample him. First of all, she told him what she wanted to do before she went ahead to do it and she ensured that he was not just humiliated, but in pain as well.

Lady Cary had caught her slave smelling her underwear. He did it to the clean ones but she was so pissed at him that she made him do so to her dirty ones. In fact, she gave him the ones which had her discharge and he had to lick the discharge besides smelling them. He was humiliated and he begged her to forgive her promising never to do it again.

Mistress Mayhem is the complete package. She is full of good vibes when you hang out with her, she has a big ass, her body is full of tats and she has naughtiness in her. And today she was showing off her big ass as well as her tats to this guy who was drawn and infatuated with her. He had never wanted her more than he did that day.

Mistress Morrigan loves to tease and she did it today too. The mistress wanted to make sure that she turned her slave on and that she not only denied him, but she left him high and dry. She made him check out her ass and her panties. She even played with herself in the process and he took the bait. She made him get turned on but she did not let him enjoy the cookie.

This mistress had smelly socks and she wanted to use them to dominate her slave. She summoned the slave to her room and she forced him to do what she wanted. He had to lick her feet and when he was done, he was trampled by the same feet he had licked. The same smelly socks he had smelled and licked. She then let him go when she felt it was enough.

Goddess Kiffa loves to pass messages in a subtle manner and is why she send her man an enticing video today. She was in a hot tub enjoying herself and she sent him the video knowing that he would look for an excuse to run home and be with her and try to smash the shit out of her. She was horny and actually looking forward to that. It happened as she had anticipated it.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with someone who did not cooperate with her, she had to humiliate him. The guy was a slave and she did not expect a slave to behave the way the guy behaved. So she used her dirty feet to humiliate him and put him in his position. He did not have a choice but to do things her way and learn his lesson the hard way.

When goddess Alaine was arguing with her husband, he told her not to talk too close to his face as he was spitting on his face. She was so pissed by what he did and what he said that she used her spit to humiliate him. She spat on his face and she had him lick it as well as smear the spit all over his face before she stopped.

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