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This mistress knows that she has a great ass. And she is not afraid to show it off. She actually loves to show it off so that she can get as many stares and compliments as possible. That is usually her primary motivation. That is what she did today as she teased some guys online and got the guys to check out her hot ass as she played with it.

This mistress loves to entertain guys for money. She loves it because it gives her good money. She is an easy-going person and she knows how to entertain which makes her suitable for that job. She never fails to turn on guys and make them have a great time even though she always ends up leaving them hungry for more as she only does it online. If they want more, she gives them jerk off instructions.

Princess Nedda wanted this slave to learn never to question her so she used her foot fetish to turn him into a foot slave. And she stomped on him and laughed at him as he cried and begged her for mercy. The mistress told him he was reaping what he had sown. And that is how the guy had to endure the pain and humiliation that she sent his way.

Mistress Nikola has a foot fetish and she loves it when her feet are licked and pampered. She did not want to humiliate or torture but rather to have her feet licked clean. And so she used honey to get that done. The mistress got this loser to lick the honey off her feet and as he did so, he enjoyed it as the honey was sweet but in so doing, he did it well and she had a great time and enjoyed his licking.

Mistress Astra wanted to teach this guy a lesson he would not forget in a hurry and she used her smelly feet. The mistress did not want a painful method. She wanted something humiliating as well as dominating. He was therefore forced to lick her bare feet, her socks as well as her shoes. They were all dirty and he did as the mistress ordered her and he learned the lesson.

Goddess Nika was disgusted by what this guy to her. She was not going to let him get away with what he had done and she had to let him know that. From the look on her face, he could tell he had fucked up. But she did not stop at that. She also wanted to use her sneakers to humiliate him so she removed them and gave them to him to eat.

Mistress Astra wanted to send a warning to this loser. She felt like he needed to be given a rude awakening so that he stopped taking everything for granted like he was doing at the moment. The mistress got him to lick her bare feet as well as when she had her socks on. It was cruel for him but he could not avoid it and had to comply with her orders.

Mistress Suzy wanted to get this guy a taste of her feet. She had gotten them dirty and smelly for that purpose and she had a great time watching him do the unthinkable. She had never tried it before and neither had he ever been punished that way before. So they were both trying it for the first time but one had fun doing it while the other was degraded.

Mistress Astra did not anywhere to go. As she sat in the house, she came up with an idea to dominate her slave for fun and to pass time. She did this by selecting the dirtiest pair of socks she had in the house and she wore it. The mistress then got the loser to lick them and trampled him with them on. It was fun for her but torture for him.

Mistress Gabriela knew that this loser was not expecting her to dominate him and she planned to catch him off guard. The mistress had been pissed by what he had done and she plotted his punishment slowly. She waited until he had forgotten about what he did and then she used her feet to dominate him and make him not only promise not to piss her off again, but also feel pain and humiliation.

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