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Mistress Lola wanted to try fart fetish and the best person for her to try it on was this guy who was smitten with her. She invited him to her house and he was over the moon about it. But she did not let him get to enjoy what he thought he had gone there for. Instead, she farted on him and had fun humiliating him with the farts which she wanted him to smell.

Mistress Zora chewed some food and she then spat on it before she gave it to this loser to eat. The mistress also put the food in a dog bowl which was in itself humiliating. But the slave had no say over anything and he had to change as she wanted him to. She enjoyed herself as she watched him eat all of that food and lick all of her saliva.

Goddess Vanny had smelly feet and she used them to degrade this loser. She did it cruelly and made sure that the guy licked her saliva from her high heels and then she got the guy to endure the trampling of his balls using her heels. He was in a lot of pain but he could not do anything about it. He had to wait until the mistress felt it was time to let him go.

Mistress Jenny wore her nylon pantyhose and she used it to torture this loser. She loved how she looked sexy in it because that helped her to get guys to do what she asked. But she also liked how it got sweaty easily because she liked how she was able to use the sweaty pantyhose to torture and dominate those who pissed her off like this guy she was humiliating today.

This mistress loves to entertain guys for money. She loves it because it gives her good money. She is an easy-going person and she knows how to entertain which makes her suitable for that job. She never fails to turn on guys and make them have a great time even though she always ends up leaving them hungry for more as she only does it online. If they want more, she gives them jerk off instructions.

Mistress Anfisa has sexy feet but when she means, she uses her feet as weapons to punish or torture whoever she wants to torture and dominate. That is what the mistress did today to this loser who had forgotten to fulfill his end of the bargain. The mistress was pissed and she made him remember to do it. It was cruel but it taught him a lesson he needed to learn.

Mistress Jane wanted to teach her slave some manners. He did not like to ask for permission before using her stuff. Today he drank her expensive wine without asking and she was offended. That was the last straw. She had to do something drastic. She spat into a glass and she asked him to drink it. She told him it was not optional and he had to drink it all.

Mistress Jane was broke and she wanted some money for a vacation. She went to this loser she knew had money and she forced him to pay her. She found a way to humiliate him and then she pretended to have fun with him by teasing him with her big tits. In addition to that, she blackmailed him and he had to pay her for all of those things and she had a tidy sum.

This mistress knows how to humiliate and to degrade guys who piss her off. This loser was one of those who had pissed her. He had heard of her cruel nature and he took out his wallet and he gave her money so that he could avoid being tortured. The mistress took the money and told him to jerk off to her instructions. She made fun of his small dick but she did not beat him.

Sara knows that you want to fuck her, but you're just too ugly. She's going to tel you one last time why you'll never be allowed inside her perfectly tight pussy. She doesn't like the way you look. You're just too ugly and your cock is too tiny. You don't deserve a beautiful woman like her. You'll never be anywhere close to her level and you need to give up your dreams.

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