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Princess Serena knew she could not fuck this guy. But she tried certain moves on him and she drove him wild with desire as she did her thing. She showed off her hot body to him and he nearly cried as she refused to put him out of his misery. The mistress then chose to do something for him and she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum.

This mistress loves to entertain guys for money. She loves it because it gives her good money. She is an easy-going person and she knows how to entertain which makes her suitable for that job. She never fails to turn on guys and make them have a great time even though she always ends up leaving them hungry for more as she only does it online. If they want more, she gives them jerk off instructions.

This mistress wanted to reward her slave for being a good slave. She wanted to show him something she knew he was dying to see. So she wore her nylon pantyhose and she teased him with it. She played with her pussy and she made him watch before she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum as fucking her or even touching her was out of question.

Mistress Tiffany did not have any reason to torture this guy. She just wanted to have fun at his expense and she did not care what he felt. So she summoned him and she got him to lick her feet and do other crazy things as she directed him. He had to follow her instructions and do as instructed if he wanted to avoid further punishment as well as humiliation.

Mistress Suzy wanted to get this guy a taste of her feet. She had gotten them dirty and smelly for that purpose and she had a great time watching him do the unthinkable. She had never tried it before and neither had he ever been punished that way before. So they were both trying it for the first time but one had fun doing it while the other was degraded.

Mistress Astra did not anywhere to go. As she sat in the house, she came up with an idea to dominate her slave for fun and to pass time. She did this by selecting the dirtiest pair of socks she had in the house and she wore it. The mistress then got the loser to lick them and trampled him with them on. It was fun for her but torture for him.

Princess Serena came back from her morning run and since it had been raining, she stepped on some dirty water and her sneakers were dirty. She used those to dominate her slave since she knew that he had never been made to lick dirty feet as well as dirty sneakers before. She watched him dead in the eye and she told him to lick her soles and he had to do it.

Goddess Nika loves to use her body to get favors and to get treats. She wanted something from this guy and even though she was sure she did not want to sleep with him, she used her ass to tease him and pretend she found him attractive. She showed off her gorgeous ass and then got what she wanted before she found a reason to leave him high and dry.

Madame Marissa was not happy with how this guy acted. She had told him that before but it seemed that he was either forgetful or he did not care. And she did not like neither of those. She had to teach him to either care or to stop being forgetful and she did it by making him lick her stinky socks and promising worse punishments if he did not change.

Lady Shay likes to keep to herself. She is not a people person and likes to keep her own company. But this loser did not understand that and she had to teach him a lesson. She went and brushed her teeth and she spat into his mouth. She did not want to know whether it was hygienic or not. She was sending a message that she did not want to be bothered.

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