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Goddess Harley does not like to do the same thing twice and this is true of how she punishes slaves and losers. She wanted a new way to do it and that is why she opted to use her dirty feet to punish this guy as she had never done it before. The mistress had the guy lick them clean after she had threatened to crush him and his balls.

It was a hot day and mistress Van Licks wanted to cool off a bit. She did this in the pool as she smoked. She made her pool guy take a video of her having a great time smoking while playing in water. Since she just wanted to cool off, she did not bother swimming. She just floated in the water, sat and did other things but she did not swim. She did not even have her costume on.

This slave was acting up and this mistress felt that she had to do something out of the box to make him learn that he would have himself to blame if he pissed her off and continued to act up. So she wore a strapon and she warned him that she would fuck him in the ass with it if he acted up again. He never did it as he did not want that.

Mistress Ava wanted to try spit femdom with her husband and she did it. She is a naughty girl and she did not want to let her sex life be boring. That is why she chose to spit on him and then lick it. In addition, the mistress asked her husband to lick her spit and it was naughty for all of them. They were turned on and they had a great time.

Lady Naomi wanted to dominate this guy with a used condom and she did it without batting an eyelid. The mistress took out her camera and she recorded the whole thing. She had a great time torturing the guy and making him drink the cum of another man from a used condom no less. He was shocked at what he was made to do but he had no say in the matter.

When this mistress noticed that she had a boyfriend who was not wishing her the best, and instead was working for her downfall, she had to show him what she did to people like him. So she used her high heels to trample him and she ensured that she did it all over his body so that he would have the pain of a lifetime. Then she chased him away.

Mistress Kat wanted this slave to know that he would not go far by trying to disobey her and that it would not be advantageous to him at all. The mistress had him lick the dirty boots she was wearing and he had to start with the sole. She also spat the boots to make it more humiliating for him. He had no choice but to do what the mistress asked.

This guy was too needy for mistress Enola. She had to teach him to stop being needy and she did so by humiliating him. The mistress had him lick her feet after she had walked barefoot and she had also spat on her feet. He was shocked by the order but he knew he had no choice other than to do what she wanted. The humiliation taught him a lot.

This guy was treacherous but he had messed with the wrong person without knowing it. That is why the mistress used her smothering to dominate him. He wished he had not done it but it was too late and he had to suffer the consequences of his actions. That is why she chose to use her feet to trample and to smother him. He never did it again as he had paid the price and was not willing to do it again.

Mistress Cat was out to dominate and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress knew that the best thing she could do to this guy was to make him humiliate himself. So she teased him with her ass and had him follow her instructions in order for him to humiliate himself. That was better than if she would have done it to him. And she told him so.

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