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Goddess Katrina wanted to make a naughty video for her boyfriend. She knew he had missed her as much as she had missed him and since they had not seen each other in almost a month, she felt that she would make his day by sending him a naughty video. So she made a video showing off her sexy legs and ass in high heels and pantyhose. He loved what he saw and had to jerk off due to how turned on he was.

Goddess Katrina wanted to pass time. So she lit a cigarette and she used it to do so. She slowly exhaled smoke and she recorded herself as she tried to exhale it as slowly and as stylishly as possible. The mistress had fun doing it and she managed to pass time with just a single cigarette. She did not even need to light another one. And she looked very sexy doing it.

Goddess Katrina has a magnificent body. And she never misses a chance to show it off. The mistress was bored at home today and when her neighbor noticed that she was home, he went and tried to spend time with her. But since they did not have much in common, the mistress decided to show off her legs and tease him a little for fun. So she flaunted her legs as she smoked. He loved what he saw but he was left high and dry.

Goddess Katrina loves to smoke and she did it today while she was dominating this guy. The mistress had an issue with this loser because he was negative all the time and she did not want such an influence around her. So she took out her cigarette and she enjoyed it while she verbally dominated him. When she was done smoking, she dominated him physically using her high heels. He stopped being negative.

Goddess Katrina was smoking while wearing sexy clothes. She was skimpily dressed and her hot body was clearly visible. She showed off some skin and she had a great time flirting and making guys think that she was sending a message with the way she smoked. But all she was doing was teasing and denying them and it was all for fun. They found out when it was too late.

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