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Mistress Isabella was so pissed at her boyfriend that she had to do something she had never thought of doing up until now. He loved her naughtiness and she used it to humiliate him. He was turned on as she led him on and when he wanted to smash, she denied him and left him high and dry. He tried to beg her but she told him what he had done to piss her off.

Mistress Medea has a nice body and she hid it in a sleeping robe. But that was not all. She was wearing a lingerie underneath the robe and she waited for the appropriate time to show it off to her boyfriend who was having a bad day. She knew that when he checked out her hot body and she did some naughty things, he would forget what had happened and have a good time.

Mistress Cat was out to dominate and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress knew that the best thing she could do to this guy was to make him humiliate himself. So she teased him with her ass and had him follow her instructions in order for him to humiliate himself. That was better than if she would have done it to him. And she told him so.

Mistress Lola loves to dominate and that is what she did to this loser today. The mistress was bored and she decided to use this guy for her own fun. She did not hesitate to make him do the things she wanted. She used her naughtiness to hide her true intentions so the guy did what she asked without knowing he was being humiliated by the mistress. And that made it even better for her.

Goddess Nika made this loser lick her dirty heels. She shoved her foot and her heels in his face and she had him do the necessary. She even recorded all that he did and then made him watch it together with her. The mistress was having a great time torturing the guy as he had betrayed her and she felt nothing for him even as he tried his best to plead for mercy.

This slave made mistress BlackDiamoond miserable with his poor quality work and she wanted to return the favor. She made him miserable as well and she did it with her stinky socks and her pov femdom. She took a video of how she dominated as well as degraded him and she laughed at him as she struggled to breath and to lick her smelly socks. He never wanted that domination again so he did things her way.

Mistress Harley has amazing tits and a hot ass which she loves to use to dominate guys who piss her off. She does not like to look angry as it dilutes her power. She loves to act as if she wants them and when they do not act the part, she turns on them and she dominated them by torturing them with her ass and her tits. Most of the time she teases and denies them.

Goddess Vanny had smelly feet and she used them to degrade this loser. She did it cruelly and made sure that the guy licked her saliva from her high heels and then she got the guy to endure the trampling of his balls using her heels. He was in a lot of pain but he could not do anything about it. He had to wait until the mistress felt it was time to let him go.

Mistress Elsi wanted this guy to think that she was into him and that she wanted to have fun with him. The guy took the bait and he went to where she was. She had placed her feet on top of the table and he thought that was the signal for him. But it was not and all she wanted was for him to lick her feet, which she made him do.

Lady Stefanie wanted to torture her slave and her method of choice was her high heels. But she did not want to use her new high heels as she risked spoiling them. Instead, the mistress chose to torture and humiliate her slave using the old ones. That is because she did not care about what happened to the old ones. She only cared about the new shoes because they were expensive.

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