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Goddess Katrina wanted to make a naughty video for her boyfriend. She knew he had missed her as much as she had missed him and since they had not seen each other in almost a month, she felt that she would make his day by sending him a naughty video. So she made a video showing off her sexy legs and ass in high heels and pantyhose. He loved what he saw and had to jerk off due to how turned on he was.

Lady Cary wanted to give her slave an experience he had never had. She had him sit down and record what she did. She slowly took off her panties and she proceeded to play with her clit as she moaned at the sweetness. He watched her and was super turned on but he could not fuck her. He even came on himself without her touching him because of how naughty and hot it was.

This slave was acting up and this mistress felt that she had to do something out of the box to make him learn that he would have himself to blame if he pissed her off and continued to act up. So she wore a strapon and she warned him that she would fuck him in the ass with it if he acted up again. He never did it as he did not want that.

Goddess Katrina has a magnificent body. And she never misses a chance to show it off. The mistress was bored at home today and when her neighbor noticed that she was home, he went and tried to spend time with her. But since they did not have much in common, the mistress decided to show off her legs and tease him a little for fun. So she flaunted her legs as she smoked. He loved what he saw but he was left high and dry.

Mistress Morrigan wanted her slave to have a good Christmas. Since she knew he did not have a girlfriend, she felt that his gift for the holidays was to put on a show for him. So she played with her tits and showed him her ass and pussy too. In short, she turned him on and then let him go and finish it with his hands by jerking off.

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Gaia had a free weekend and they had to do some naughty things together. The girls got undressed and remained with only their underwear and bras before they recorded themselves doing all kinds of naughty things. They played with their tits, their pussies and even video chatted a guy and have him jerk off instructions which he used to cum as they watched him.

Mistress Isabella has a pair of hot tits and a sexy pair of legs. She loves to show them off and today she did it with the intention of confusing this guy and taking advantage of him. She was interested in making the guy do what she wanted and also getting information from him. She managed to get what she wanted from the guy as she had managed to get total control over him.

This guy had a fetish for feet and lady Rockabella had some of the best feet he had ever seen. And he was so turned on seeing them that he wanted to fuck them. The mistress agreed to it as she wanted to try it out but she made him pay for it. He had to pay her when he was done as there was no fun in it for her.

Mistress Mayhem has a stunning body and she has it tattooed all over. She wore scanty clothes so that she could show off as much of it as she could. And she went ahead to tease this guy with her hot body. The guy was so turned on that she essentially controlled him. And that is how she got him to drink cum which she had in a used condom.

With her hot ass, this mistress knew she could easily have this guy jerk off. So she gave him a visual of her big round ass and she asked him to jerk off to it. She wanted to see how long he would take to cum. She timed him and wanted to see whether he could do it in under a minute. He did it in a minute and a half.

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