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Lady Demona does not like arrogant people and when this guy who she had wanted to fuck turned out to be arrogant, she knew she had to send a message to him that he had to shed off his arrogance or they would not work out. The guy did not take her seriously and she proved to him what she meant by teasing and denying him. And she did it in such a humiliating manner.

Goddess Lena was from a very successful findom session and as she counted the money, she realized it was some good cash. She could not keep quiet with such good news. So she flaunted with it on video and she told her friends how she had made more money than them. Her friends were envious of her and wanted to know what she had done to get that much money.

Madame Marissa hates fake and plastic friends. Her neighbor was one of them and after she had realized that that was who he was, she chose to teach him a lesson. And she did it by degrading as well as humiliating him and doing it in a way he had never anticipated. So he was not prepared to do any of the things she forced him to do as punishment. She forced him to lick her bare feet as well as her stinky socks.

Goddess Lena wanted to dominate this loser so she did it on camera so that she would watch it over and over again for her own entertainment. The mistress laughed at the loser as he struggled to breath as she covered his face with her dirty and stinky socks. The guy was degraded and as if that was not enough, the mistress chose to also spit on him as well.

This mistress wanted to reward her slave for being a good slave. She wanted to show him something she knew he was dying to see. So she wore her nylon pantyhose and she teased him with it. She played with her pussy and she made him watch before she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum as fucking her or even touching her was out of question.

Mistress Tiffany did not have any reason to torture this guy. She just wanted to have fun at his expense and she did not care what he felt. So she summoned him and she got him to lick her feet and do other crazy things as she directed him. He had to follow her instructions and do as instructed if he wanted to avoid further punishment as well as humiliation.

Mistress Suzy wanted to get this guy a taste of her feet. She had gotten them dirty and smelly for that purpose and she had a great time watching him do the unthinkable. She had never tried it before and neither had he ever been punished that way before. So they were both trying it for the first time but one had fun doing it while the other was degraded.

Goddess Nika was feeling bored while alone in the house. She wanted to have a little fun and she chose to have it at the expense of her slave. The mistress chose to do it by scaring the shit out of her slave. She warned him that she was going to crush him with her teeth and make him lick her saliva. He was scared and he cried and begged her for mercy.

Mistress Lena noticed her slave had messed up and she was not ready for any excuses. She came ready for a fight and that is what made her use her boots to force her slave to do humiliating things. He was not even allowed to explain himself but to only do what she wanted him to do. The angry and cruel mistress degraded him like he had never been degraded before.

When this mistress was pissed by her friend, she knew there would come a time when she would get back at her friend. She took her time and when the time was right, she took her revenge. When the day came, she had fun dominating her friend and making her regret what she had done to her before. She humiliated her friend using her saliva to make it more disgusting.

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