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Goddess Yasemin wanted this guy to know that she was not the kind to be pissed off and scared. He tried to do it but instead of it, he found himself being forced to lick her high heels and to do other humiliating things the way the mistress wanted. He never messed up again as he knew what would happen if he ever pissed her off again. He had tried to be a bully but he was bullied instead.

Mistress Jenny could tell that this guy was horny. But she did not want to fuck him as she was not in the mood and he did not turn her on. So she felt pity for him and she chose to put him out of his misery. But he had to be an active participant as she was only playing a facilitation role. She flaunted her sexy feet and she talked dirty to him to enable him jerk off. She also gave him jerk off instructions.

Goddess Alice was out to teach her slave to lick her boots. That was to get him to not only learn how to do it, but to also send a clear message to him that if he did not toe the line, he would find himself in a lot of trouble. The mistress enjoyed how she humiliated him and luckily for him, he got the message and he did not mess with her.

This mistress is hot and naughty. And she knows that she can do anything she wants. Today was one such day and she turned this guy and her intention was to have fun at his expense. So she used her saliva to humiliate him by asking the turned on guy to lick her saliva from the floor. He did it thinking it would turn her on but it did not.

Goddess Katrina loves to smoke and she did it today while she was dominating this guy. The mistress had an issue with this loser because he was negative all the time and she did not want such an influence around her. So she took out her cigarette and she enjoyed it while she verbally dominated him. When she was done smoking, she dominated him physically using her high heels. He stopped being negative.

Mistress Zephy had decided to deal cruelly and ruthlessly with her slave because she did not like his behavior. She did so because she knew he was not well mannered and that she was not going to get him to change if she handled him softly. So she shocked him with pee fetish and humiliation whereby she forced him to drink her urine to quench his thirst for a few days.

This old guy thought he had a shot with this mistress because he was loaded but money did not impress this mistress and instead, she punished him and told him that she had hers. So she forced him to lick and smell her ass as punishment and he had no escape route as she promised to do some crazy things to him if he did not cooperate. Fear made him cooperate with the mistress.

Mistress Sakura wanted to dominate this guy and she did it without laying a finger on him. Instead, she showed off her big tits and her sexy thighs to him while she lit her cigarette and she smoked. She then blew the smoke in his face and choked him with it while at the same time not allowing him to touch her. In essence, he was teased, denied and humiliated.

Madame Svea was in the mood to dominate and humiliate with her ass so she did it to this guy as he was the closest to her. She teased him with her hot ass and then she used that very ass to dominate him. He enjoyed how she put on a show for him but then he was shocked when she turned on him and she facesat on him and nearly choked him.

Lady Scarlet was not pleased with how this guy made fun of her. He was a loser and it was above him to do something like that. So she had to teach him never to do that again and she teased him and got to her house. Then she used gloves to jerk him off nicely at first then it took a painful path as she crushed his nuts and made it all painful to him as punishment.

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