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Goddess Yasemin wanted this guy to know that she was not the kind to be pissed off and scared. He tried to do it but instead of it, he found himself being forced to lick her high heels and to do other humiliating things the way the mistress wanted. He never messed up again as he knew what would happen if he ever pissed her off again. He had tried to be a bully but he was bullied instead.

Goddess Yasemin knew that her colleague was infatuated with her and she chose to mess with him for her own fun. She teased him with her gorgeous body and she had him check out her big tits and her spankable ass. She then gave him jerk off instructions and he was too turned on to refuse. The mistress loved seeing him do what she asked him to do and even recorded it.

Goddess Yasemin did not want to be friends with her ex and she told him as much. But he was adamant that they had to remain friends and he wanted to be a part of her life in whatever capacity. She got tired of his nonsense as she knew he was up to no good. She put an end to his nonsense when she turned him into a spit slave and degraded him.

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