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Goddess Katrina wanted to make a naughty video for her boyfriend. She knew he had missed her as much as she had missed him and since they had not seen each other in almost a month, she felt that she would make his day by sending him a naughty video. So she made a video showing off her sexy legs and ass in high heels and pantyhose. He loved what he saw and had to jerk off due to how turned on he was.

Mistress Gaia has a hot body and she is not afraid to use it to get whatever she wants. The hot mistress used her hot body to tease this guy and when he was turned on, she took control and had fun humiliating him for her own fun. The mistress even recorded it all so that she would enjoy it later on. The guy had no choice but to do as ordered.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with someone who did not cooperate with her, she had to humiliate him. The guy was a slave and she did not expect a slave to behave the way the guy behaved. So she used her dirty feet to humiliate him and put him in his position. He did not have a choice but to do things her way and learn his lesson the hard way.

Goddess Yasemin knew that her colleague was infatuated with her and she chose to mess with him for her own fun. She teased him with her gorgeous body and she had him check out her big tits and her spankable ass. She then gave him jerk off instructions and he was too turned on to refuse. The mistress loved seeing him do what she asked him to do and even recorded it.

This guy had a fetish for feet and lady Rockabella had some of the best feet he had ever seen. And he was so turned on seeing them that he wanted to fuck them. The mistress agreed to it as she wanted to try it out but she made him pay for it. He had to pay her when he was done as there was no fun in it for her.

Mistress Kat noticed that this guy misbehaved a lot and she had to deal with him. She had to find a way to do it and that was when she came sneaker trampling, She used her sneakers to trample him and she also had him lick as well as smell her stinky socks. It was enough humiliation for him and he pledged that he would change with immediate effect. He did.

Mistress Lola found out that this guy was a sissy and she knew she had found someone to try out all her silly experiments on. She wanted to train him how to eat cum and she knew he would do it since he was a sissy. So she made an instructional video and gave it to him to watch. And then she had him try with his own cum first.

Mistress Alexis wanted to humiliate her boyfriend because he had pissed her off badly. She had always forgiven him but today she felt that he had not only gone overboard, but the fact that he kept getting forgiven all the time was making him get comfortable pissing her off. So the mistress forced him to lick her feet, smell her stinky socks and trample him besides giving him the silent treatment.

Mistress Sophia has a great ass. She wanted a favor from this guy but she knew it would be hard to get it if the guy was not turned on. So she turned the guy on and then took advantage of him. The mistress enjoyed showing off her hot ass and her tits and they got him turned on and she was able to use that to get the favor.

Goddess Katrina loves to smoke and she did it today while she was dominating this guy. The mistress had an issue with this loser because he was negative all the time and she did not want such an influence around her. So she took out her cigarette and she enjoyed it while she verbally dominated him. When she was done smoking, she dominated him physically using her high heels. He stopped being negative.

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