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Mistress Morrigan needed to find a way to deal with this guy. She found out that he was too proud and she had to humiliate him to cut him down a notch. She chose to use her dildo to punish him and she ensured that she scared him painfully. The mistress scared him that she would fuck him in the ass if he did not stop boasting. He was scared and agreed not to mess.

Mistress Morrigan is blessed with a pair of big tits and she loves to flaunt them any chance she gets. Today as she was preparing to sleep, she chose to use them to tease this guy and disturb him a little. She was wearing a lingerie which showed off her big tits and as she video chatted this guy, she could see how horny and turned on he was. He even tried to go to her house that night but she refused.

Mistress Morrigan loves to tease and she did it today too. The mistress wanted to make sure that she turned her slave on and that she not only denied him, but she left him high and dry. She made him check out her ass and her panties. She even played with herself in the process and he took the bait. She made him get turned on but she did not let him enjoy the cookie.

Mistress Morrigan wanted her slave to have a good Christmas. Since she knew he did not have a girlfriend, she felt that his gift for the holidays was to put on a show for him. So she played with her tits and showed him her ass and pussy too. In short, she turned him on and then let him go and finish it with his hands by jerking off.

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