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Lady Victoria had to pass a message to her slave as she could tell that he was never going to get it. The mistress knew that the best thing was to make him afraid of her so that he would never mess with her. That is why she turned him into a foot licker for him to know what she was capable of. When he realized, he made a turnaround and they never had any other issues.

Mistress Samy was displeased with the actions and behavior of this slave to the extent that she had to act. She acted in a way he had not seen by making him lick her feet. The mistress was on phone as he struggled to lick her feet. Luckily for him, her feet were not dirty or smelly. All she wanted was to keep him occupied and they succeeded to do that.

Mistress Zephy had supported this guy in his studies and that is why she was pissed when he did not pass his exams. She did not want to associate with a failure and so she trampled him and she had him redo the exams. He had to study hard for them and she told him that there was no margin for failure. If he failed again, he would be on his own.

Mistress Samy wanted this employee to learn that hard work paid and that if he was lazy, she would not tolerate it. So she took the employee to her office and she turned him into a foot and sole licker. She enjoyed how he licked her dirty sneakers until they were clean before she trampled him with the same sneakers. He cried but it was too late for him.

Mistress Linda more dangerous when she is bored than when she is angry. She knows how to control her anger but she does not know how to control her boredom. Today she was bored and she spent time humiliating her slave using her feet. She had him be a foot slave and then lick her feet as well as her socks. And she did it knowing he would never refuse.

Mistress Elsi wanted this guy to think that she was into him and that she wanted to have fun with him. The guy took the bait and he went to where she was. She had placed her feet on top of the table and he thought that was the signal for him. But it was not and all she wanted was for him to lick her feet, which she made him do.

Princess Nedda wanted this slave to learn never to question her so she used her foot fetish to turn him into a foot slave. And she stomped on him and laughed at him as he cried and begged her for mercy. The mistress told him he was reaping what he had sown. And that is how the guy had to endure the pain and humiliation that she sent his way.

Mistress Isabelle wanted her dirty socks smelled and licked by her slave. He was responsible for washing them and she felt they were not properly cleaned and neither were shoes and that was why they smelled. So she used them to degrade her slave and make him take great care when he cleaned her things. She had fun trampling and stomping his face and by extension his nose and his mouth using the socks.

Mistress Isabelle was not going to let this loser get away without any punishment. He had lied to her and made her look like a fool. She had used his lies to storm into a meeting and try to wow them with her facts. When she found out she had been lied to, she was angry and she went straight to the loser and she stomped on him. She crushed his face with her bare feet to get some sense into his head.

Miss Jenna is in the mood to have her feet worshiped and you're already on your knees so you'll have to do it until she can find a real man to take over. She slowly spreads her perfect toes apart to tell you exactly what you're going to do. If you don't give her the kind of pleasure that she needs, then you'll never be allowed to be in her presence again.

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