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This mistress was mad at her boyfriend because of what he had done. She did not want to let him get off easily and when he tried to beg her for mercy, the mistress used her dirty feet to punish him. He was forced to lick them and to suck her toes before his girlfriend could forgive him. He learned an important lesson as she did what she did to him.

Mistress Masha needed to torture this guy and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. She had to make sure that he learned his lesson the hard way and that is why she did not hurry up to punish him. Instead, she took her time and she did things in a way he would not forget. It had to be meticulous to achieve her goals and it did.

This girl was a pain in the ass of mistress Madison and she felt that she had to put her in her place and that is why she used her ass to do it. The mistress farted on her and she also forced the poor girl to lick her ass. She also put on a show for the girl and watched as she stared uncomfortably at what the mistress did.

Mistress Nikki and mistress Rachel are naughty girls. Beyond that, they are hot and adventurous. They do not have any shyness in them and when they want to do anything, they do it without worrying about what others would think. That boldness led them to take out their cigarettes in the balcony and show off their clean shaved pussies and play with them a little on a camera they had position in front of them.

Mistress Lola found out that this guy was a sissy and she knew she had found someone to try out all her silly experiments on. She wanted to train him how to eat cum and she knew he would do it since he was a sissy. So she made an instructional video and gave it to him to watch. And then she had him try with his own cum first.

When this mistress lost a bet and was made to do something crazy, she knew that she had to get even. And so she prepared for the next one very well and when she won it, she had the guy lick the soles of her shoes. And the shoes were not very clean as she had the guy lick them. A bet was a bet and he had no choice but to lick them.

This mistress loves to take advantage of her hot ass to humiliate guys who have a thing for hot asses. She put on a show for the guy and the guy loved it. But then, she made him lick her ass and then sniff it too. To make it even worse for him, she went ahead to force him to smell her farts. He had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Zephy was angered to the point that she felt that only using pain would help her punish this guy. The mistress did not hesitate to use her high heels to do it as she had to make the guy know that pissing her off in the manner that he had was not excusable and that it had consequences which he had to bear. That way, he would never do it again.

This old guy thought he had a shot with this mistress because he was loaded but money did not impress this mistress and instead, she punished him and told him that she had hers. So she forced him to lick and smell her ass as punishment and he had no escape route as she promised to do some crazy things to him if he did not cooperate. Fear made him cooperate with the mistress.

Lady Phoenix and her friend are BBW mistresses. The mistresses got attention from this guy who had a crush on them. But they did not fancy him much because they had a hunch that he had a small dick and true to their assumption, he had a small one. They made fun of it as they drank wine and told him he could not have a chance with them. He was humiliated but he could do nothing about it.

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