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Mistress Dula wanted to ensure that she had the info she wanted from this guy and that is why she resorted to trampling him. The mistress ensured that the guy knew that she would not take no for an answer. That is how she chose to trample him and he cried as she did it. He gave her all the answers she wanted and he wished he had given her the info earlier.

Goddess Kira had caught her husband cheating. She kept quiet and she tortured him mentally as he did not know what she would do next. She never talked to him. She kept planning and when the time was right, the mistress chose to get the husband cuckolded. He also had to drink the other man's cum from the used condom. He never felt so small in his life after what she did to him.

Lady Nightfrozen had loaned this guy some money but he did not want to pay her back. She had to get her money back because the guy had overstayed with it. She knew she had to force him to pay it and she used her strapon to do it. It was a lot of fun for her and she had a great time forcing the guy to pay her back.

Mistress Anni needed to buy a house and for that, she needed a good salary for it to be sustainable. She wanted to maintain her lifestyle even with her mortgage and for that, she had to get a raise. So she used her hot body to tease her boss who she had noticed had a thing for her. It worked out and she got what she wanted from her boss.

Goddess Mia had been misled and she had lost a lot of time due to that. She was thus angry and had to find the guy who had misled her and give her a piece of her mind. This was a top priority for her and she hunted him down and she cruelly trampled him as well as had him lick her pantyhose before she let him go. He never did that again.

When this mistress got home, she was angry and she had to somehow contain her anger because she was about to take it out on someone who did not deserve it. That is why she chose to use her high heels to trample, stomp and crush anything and everything that was on her way. She even took some stuff and threw them on the floor so that she could crush them.

This mistress has big tits and she wanted to use them to dominate. She felt that the best way to deal with this guy was to get him turned on after which she would manipulate him to do what she wanted. With how gorgeous her boobs looked, the guy never had a chance. The guy did all that the mistress wanted and he found himself being controlled by the big breasted mistress.

Princess Isabella is a gorgeous girl and she knows it. She knows that every part of her body is beautiful and that is why she chose to dominate as well as humiliate this guy today with her feet. She had him not only admire her feet, but she used them to tease him and she had him jerk off to the sexy feet. It was easier than she had thought it would be.

This mistress is as naughty as they come and she loves to tease guys for her fun. She did so today and she made sure that her neighbor, who had been trying to fuck her, was super turned on and left high and dry. The mistress enjoyed showing off her big tits and giving him jerk off instructions. Then she told him to go and use them on himself to have fun.

Goddess Gabriella did not even have a reason to stomp on this guy as he had done nothing to him. But she was pissed at him and she chose to degrade him which she did with her feet as she stomped him. He tried to ask her why she was doing it but that angered her more and she stomped him some more. He kept quiet and took the humiliation quietly.

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