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Mistress Anni needed to buy a house and for that, she needed a good salary for it to be sustainable. She wanted to maintain her lifestyle even with her mortgage and for that, she had to get a raise. So she used her hot body to tease her boss who she had noticed had a thing for her. It worked out and she got what she wanted from her boss.

Goddess Gabriella did not even have a reason to stomp on this guy as he had done nothing to him. But she was pissed at him and she chose to degrade him which she did with her feet as she stomped him. He tried to ask her why she was doing it but that angered her more and she stomped him some more. He kept quiet and took the humiliation quietly.

Goddess Kiffa loves to pass messages in a subtle manner and is why she send her man an enticing video today. She was in a hot tub enjoying herself and she sent him the video knowing that he would look for an excuse to run home and be with her and try to smash the shit out of her. She was horny and actually looking forward to that. It happened as she had anticipated it.

Mistress Alexis wanted to humiliate her boyfriend because he had pissed her off badly. She had always forgiven him but today she felt that he had not only gone overboard, but the fact that he kept getting forgiven all the time was making him get comfortable pissing her off. So the mistress forced him to lick her feet, smell her stinky socks and trample him besides giving him the silent treatment.

This mistress loves to degrade and she does it as often as she can. What she does not like to do is to degrade the same person twice. That is because she feels it is boring and instead of that, she would rather do something else like dominate and humiliate different people. And that is what she did today as she trampled this guy she barely even knew and she did it for fun.

Mistress Jenny is blessed with a big pair of tits and she loves all the attention that her tits get her. Today she wanted to make sure that she humiliated this guy and it was a plus that he found her tits alluring. So she teased him and when he took the bait, the mistress had fun humiliating him as well as teasing and denying him before she let him go.

Goddess Lena dominated this guy and she made money out of it. The mistress got the guy to pay for what she had done to him and she made some good money as her services were not cheap. And the mistress still went ahead to dominate as well as humiliate him using her high heels which he had to lick. She then chased him from where she was and dominated him.

Lady Zoey had tried to wait for this slave to change and be an honest person but he did not. But even by her standards, she had waited too long and it was now time to switch gears. So she used her hot ass to tease and deny him. The mistress farted on him and turned him into an ass slave. He could not do anything about it and had to rely on her forgiveness.

Lady Alice has sharp high heel boots which are her favorite when she is humiliating and torturing guys who piss her off. This guy did it today and she had to punish him. She does not do it often and therefore, she does not run the risk of them getting used to it. That is why she loves it and today she relished it because she had not done it in a while.

Lady Skyla was bored in the house. She was playing with her kitten when her slave knocked on the door. She asked him to come in and she could see he was interested in seducing her but she did not feel his vibe. Instead, she chose to have fun at his expense by humiliating him. She did not have anything to lose so she dominated him using her dirty socks.

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