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Mistress Polina did not want to touch this guy. But she wanted to scare the shit out of him. And that is exactly what she was able to do. The guy never thought that anything could happen to him but it did. He was asked to lick her socks and smell them and once he was done, she lied to him that she would crush his balls and he cried and pleaded with her not to do it.

Mistress Venus did not like how much of a snob this guy was being and she felt like she had to do something about it. He had to learn to drop that habit and she did it in a manner he had never seen before. The mistress cruelly trampled him with her heels and made him realize that his snobbishness could cost him a lot and lead to a lot of pain and hurt.

Mistress Nikola has a foot fetish and she loves it when her feet are licked and pampered. She did not want to humiliate or torture but rather to have her feet licked clean. And so she used honey to get that done. The mistress got this loser to lick the honey off her feet and as he did so, he enjoyed it as the honey was sweet but in so doing, he did it well and she had a great time and enjoyed his licking.

Mistress Sadi came back from playing tennis and she was sweaty and she did not like the smell. She was about to go to the shower when she remembered that she could use her sweat to dominate and humiliate her slave. And that is what she did as she asked him to lick her sweaty and smelly feet. The poor guy knew he had no alternative but to lick them.

This mistress was late to go to the gym because her driver arrived late. She saw no point in going to the gym late so she did some exercises in the house. She, however, punished him for it. She did so using her sneakers. She forced the loser to lick her sweaty feet as well as her stinky sneakers. She warned him never to be late again or he would have himself to blame for what would happen.

This mistress knew her slave needed a thorough beating and she gave it to him. She was disappointed at him and she punished him to make sure it would not happen again. She even got the help of her friend. The two mistresses enjoyed torturing him with their high heels. He had to lick them and when he was done, he had to endure the pain of being trampled by high heels.

This mistress was surprised to learn that her employee was stealing company secrets and feeding them to her competition. She was so angry that she had to try and distract herself. He was not in the office at that particular time so she had to wait for him. As she thought about what to do to him, she went to the office kitchen and she played with her feet and imagined how she was going to crush his balls with her boots as well as with her bare feet.

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