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Goddess Nika made this loser lick her dirty heels. She shoved her foot and her heels in his face and she had him do the necessary. She even recorded all that he did and then made him watch it together with her. The mistress was having a great time torturing the guy as he had betrayed her and she felt nothing for him even as he tried his best to plead for mercy.

With such a hot ass, mistress Nika knew that she could use her ass as bait And indeed she went ahead to use it as such. The mistress showed off her hot ass and she got the guy wild and bothered. She knew that once she had control over him, it would be a free ticket to making all the decisions for him as she would be in control of him and that would make him her very powerful.

Goddess Nika had never used clogs to dominate and she did so today. She took her brand new clogs and she used them to trample this loser. But before she trampled him, she posed and he took hot photos of her. She then asked him to lick the clogs before she used them to trample him when she felt he did not lick them as well as she wanted him to.

Goddess Nika wanted to drive her man wild and she did it on video as they were not physically together. The mistress had a great time teasing him and she even took out a dildo and she used it to play with herself as he wished he was around to replace it and fuck her brains out. But he had to watch and he was turned on and had to jerk off to feel better.

Goddess Nika was disgusted by what this guy to her. She was not going to let him get away with what he had done and she had to let him know that. From the look on her face, he could tell he had fucked up. But she did not stop at that. She also wanted to use her sneakers to humiliate him so she removed them and gave them to him to eat.

Goddess Nika was feeling bored while alone in the house. She wanted to have a little fun and she chose to have it at the expense of her slave. The mistress chose to do it by scaring the shit out of her slave. She warned him that she was going to crush him with her teeth and make him lick her saliva. He was scared and he cried and begged her for mercy.

Goddess Nika loves to use her body to get favors and to get treats. She wanted something from this guy and even though she was sure she did not want to sleep with him, she used her ass to tease him and pretend she found him attractive. She showed off her gorgeous ass and then got what she wanted before she found a reason to leave him high and dry.

Goddess Nika is a sexy mistress. She looks stunning and she is naughty to boot. She loves using these qualities to get whatever she wants from guys. She knows they cannot resist her and that is why she uses her hot body to do whatever she feels like. Today she touched herself seductively while this guy watched. She was teasing him to get him to do her a favor and he did it for her.

Goddess Nika wore her sexy lingerie and she used it to dominate and to torture this guy. She did not want anything from him. All she wanted was to have fun at his expense. She made him lick her ass and she tied up and teased him then denied him. She mulled making him jerk off but she decided against it. She only wanted him to be sexually tortured without getting a release.

Goddess Nika is a gorgeous girl and she loves to tease. She is flirty by nature and she is kinky at heart. She loves to use her sexy body to have fun and she does this by challenging herself to get guys to do crazy things for her fun and enjoyment. Today she wore lingerie and she made a guy jerk off to her instructions and do other crazy things for her.

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