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Goddess Harley does not like to do the same thing twice and this is true of how she punishes slaves and losers. She wanted a new way to do it and that is why she opted to use her dirty feet to punish this guy as she had never done it before. The mistress had the guy lick them clean after she had threatened to crush him and his balls.

Goddess Harley wanted to get some info from this guy and she interrogated him while she wore her lingerie. The mistress knew that she would turn him on with how sexy she looked and she knew that that would give him power over him and she would control him hence get the right info from him. And that is exactly how it happened. She recorded it all so that she did not miss anything.

This guy made a huge mistake when he lied to goddess Harley. She did not appear angry but she punished him and he was shocked at the fact that she did it while on phone with a friend. She smothered him with her big ass and she even crushed his balls with her hands. It was as if it was a normal thing for her but he learned not to lie again.

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