POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 5

Goddess Yasemin knew that her colleague was infatuated with her and she chose to mess with him for her own fun. She teased him with her gorgeous body and she had him check out her big tits and her spankable ass. She then gave him jerk off instructions and he was too turned on to refuse. The mistress loved seeing him do what she asked him to do and even recorded it.

Mistress Alexandra felt that this guy was too slow for her and she had to do something about it. She chose to use her spit to dominate him and to show him that she was not going to accept that from him. The mistress summoned him and she spat on the floor then she asked him to lick it. He had to do it as she did not give him a choice.

Mistress Isabella has a pair of hot tits and a sexy pair of legs. She loves to show them off and today she did it with the intention of confusing this guy and taking advantage of him. She was interested in making the guy do what she wanted and also getting information from him. She managed to get what she wanted from the guy as she had managed to get total control over him.

This mistress earned peanuts but she loved a good life. She could not manage it with her salary and so she had to get herself a sugar daddy. That is why she had to use her hot body to bait this sugar daddy. She was sure that once he was her hot body, he would want her and it would be easy for her to set the terms of how things would be between them.

This guy had a fetish for feet and lady Rockabella had some of the best feet he had ever seen. And he was so turned on seeing them that he wanted to fuck them. The mistress agreed to it as she wanted to try it out but she made him pay for it. He had to pay her when he was done as there was no fun in it for her.

Mistress Chloe knew that she had to make her husband have the time of his life with her naughtiness so as to sweettalk him into buying her a new car. She decided to use role play and other naughty means to get him to do it. When he stepped into the house, he could tell it was going to be a good night and it was. She got the car.

Mistress Sophia took her flip flops and she used them to slap and to punish her slave because she felt he was rude and did not follow her instructions. She did not want to have another talk with him as the talks did not seem to help. All she wanted was to make sure that her had learned his lesson the hard way and that he would change as soon as possible.

Mistress Jenny could tell that this guy was horny. But she did not want to fuck him as she was not in the mood and he did not turn her on. So she felt pity for him and she chose to put him out of his misery. But he had to be an active participant as she was only playing a facilitation role. She flaunted her sexy feet and she talked dirty to him to enable him jerk off. She also gave him jerk off instructions.

This mistress wanted to mess with her landlord so she made sure that she had paid her rent first before she teased and denied him. She did not want him to think that she was doing it to get rent relief. She was just doing it for fun and so she teased him and then denied him. He tried to beg her and even promised many rewards but she ignored him and chased him out of her house.

When mistress Kira and mistress Sofi sought to dominate this guy, they did not do it like amateurs. They did it like pros. They did it with high heels as well as with their cigarettes. The guy was turned into a foot slave and he had to endure the pain of being trampled with heels. In addition, the mistresses turned him into a human ashtray and he had to endure the pain too.

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