POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 42

Long dark locks flow down onto Lisa Jordan's perky breasts. She taunts her slave by biting the tip of her finger and sucking on her bottom lip. She begs for her ass slave to come closer. As he do she pulls her thongs down slightly just to tease him and turns around and puts her sexy ass all in the human's face so he can get a good whiff of her ass.

Get turned on by facesitting. Check out Mistress Katja as she sits on her slave's face with tight blue jeans on accentuating her petite figure. The human she is sitting on gets smothered but doesn't mind. His mistress's ass smells so good as he gets a good whiff of it through his nose which is stuffed far up her ass.

BBW Lady Cathy has a nose fetish and wants someone to sniff and nibble on her snot filled tissue. If that isn't the worse humiliation a human can go through she stuffs the tissue in your face and smears it all over. Now she wants you to lick it off the sides of your mouth like a worthless slave that she thinks you are!

This sexy spoiled black princess expects the best out of everything. And now she wants the best foot slave to suck on her freshly manicured toes. Her thick thighs look like chocolate bars as she sweeps her hand over them. She gets her shoe worship slave and makes him lick her stocking feet but don't mess up her manicure!

Just stepping out of the bath, both girls smell like fresh shampoo and strawberry soap. They forgot one body part which is their bare feet. Wiggling them in front of you they order you to lick them clean.

Colorful lingerie showing all of her juicy cookies is what Princess Sera has on. She stands over her slave giving him a clear view of her package. But just for looking her spit slave has to open his mouth and take her facespitting like the loser that he is. She orders him to open wide and repeatedly spit right in his mouth until it is full then she makes him swallow

Mistress Jane looks down on you and begins to spit right into your face. You are such a little loser lying on the ground and getting a stiffy in your pants while being abused and humiliated! What's wrong with you? But don't worry. As long as you are good for anything and even if it's just being a human sink, you can stay that way...

Mistress Melissa makes you worship and lick her dirty sneakers clean. She keeps holding them right into your face all the time. After your tongue has rubbed away all those dirty thing which stuck on her soles she gently removes her shoes and allows you to smell her stinky socks. Then she even takes them off too just to make you worship her pretty bare feet.

Mistress Lady Anja shows you what tiny little dicks are just good for! She knows that pathetic freaks like you just love to be humiliated and abused by sexy girls like her. Your small penis will never be able to please a real woman like her so all you are good for is being humiliated and abused...

Mistress Lady Iwona smokes a cigarette and prepares your lunch in between. It's a cold cake. Next she begins to decorate and to pimp it for you. She puts used q tips on it, spits on it, drops her cigarette ashes on it and smears some boogers on it. After she is done she makes you eat it all up for her...

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