POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 2

Princess Kirstin does not respond well to blackmail but this guy did not know it and he tried to do it to her. She was not going to go easy on her and as such, she had to make sure that she degraded him as well as humiliated him so that he would never try that nonsense on her again. That is why she went ahead to humiliate him with her dirty shoes.

Goddess Mia had been misled and she had lost a lot of time due to that. She was thus angry and had to find the guy who had misled her and give her a piece of her mind. This was a top priority for her and she hunted him down and she cruelly trampled him as well as had him lick her pantyhose before she let him go. He never did that again.

This mistress was looking gorgeous and she wanted to ensure that she dominated the guy and did what he had never had done to him. The mistress teased him as she showed off her hot body and her sexy legs in pantyhose. The guy was dying to have her but she had other ideas. Instead, she teased and denied him. All of it was recorded for her to enjoy later.

Madam Mysteria needed to dominate this guy and she did it with her sexy ass. She had to make sure that the guy was horny and that he was turned on. So she flirted with him, teased him and she even undressed for him. Once he was turned on, she tied him up and she had fun dominating him and when she was done, she left him high and dry.

Mistress Alice did not like how this guy tried to test her. She did not want anyone to test her and when this guy did, he had to be punished. She made sure that it was cruel and humiliating before she was done with him. He cried and wanted to get her to stop it but she did not. She used her gloves and her ass to administer the humiliation.

Lady Anja needed to find a way to dominate this guy and she chose her ass to do it. She teased him with it as she knew he would be drawn to it and when she was done doing it, she had to facesit him. The guy loved everything so far but the mistress had a shocker for him. He had expected to fuck her but the mistress left him high and dry.

When this mistress got home, she was angry and she had to somehow contain her anger because she was about to take it out on someone who did not deserve it. That is why she chose to use her high heels to trample, stomp and crush anything and everything that was on her way. She even took some stuff and threw them on the floor so that she could crush them.

With the kind of beauty and sex appeal that this mistress has, it is not hard for her to take advantage of it and make some money for herself. That is what she was up to today. She realized that this guy had been checking her out so she capitalized on that and she got the guy to be her human credit card without him even knowing about it. She is that smooth.

Mistress Raquel needed to stop this guy from being inconsistent and she did it by torturing him in a way that he had never been. The mistress used bare feet to do it and he was shocked at how strong she was. Her feet were dirty but he had to lick them clean before she agreed to let him go. He struggled to do it but he had no choice.

With her cigarette and her foot fetish, mistress Jacky managed to make this guy fear her and do all the things that she wanted him to do. The mistress had the guy lick her feet and do all the things that she wanted. She also turned him into a human ashtray and by the time she was done with him, he was scared of her and he had agreed to obey all her instructions.

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