POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 18

Mistress Zora chewed some food and she then spat on it before she gave it to this loser to eat. The mistress also put the food in a dog bowl which was in itself humiliating. But the slave had no say over anything and he had to change as she wanted him to. She enjoyed herself as she watched him eat all of that food and lick all of her saliva.

Goddess Nika made this loser lick her dirty heels. She shoved her foot and her heels in his face and she had him do the necessary. She even recorded all that he did and then made him watch it together with her. The mistress was having a great time torturing the guy as he had betrayed her and she felt nothing for him even as he tried his best to plead for mercy.

Madame Marissa tied this guy and she teased him up close. She used pov femdom to do it and it was all fun for her but the guy was getting turned on and there was nothing could do about it. He tried to sweet talk her but she gagged him instead and went on doing what she was doing to him. He nearly cried as it was torture to him.

This slave made mistress BlackDiamoond miserable with his poor quality work and she wanted to return the favor. She made him miserable as well and she did it with her stinky socks and her pov femdom. She took a video of how she dominated as well as degraded him and she laughed at him as she struggled to breath and to lick her smelly socks. He never wanted that domination again so he did things her way.

Mistress Samy wanted this employee to learn that hard work paid and that if he was lazy, she would not tolerate it. So she took the employee to her office and she turned him into a foot and sole licker. She enjoyed how he licked her dirty sneakers until they were clean before she trampled him with the same sneakers. He cried but it was too late for him.

Mistress Harley has amazing tits and a hot ass which she loves to use to dominate guys who piss her off. She does not like to look angry as it dilutes her power. She loves to act as if she wants them and when they do not act the part, she turns on them and she dominated them by torturing them with her ass and her tits. Most of the time she teases and denies them.

This mistress came with cum from another man and she made this loser eat it. She despised the loser and she felt that that was the best thing she could do to him. And she did not care what the loser thought or felt as long as it was an effective punishment and he learned to do things according to her instructions. He made sure they never met again after that humiliation.

Mistress Venus did not like how much of a snob this guy was being and she felt like she had to do something about it. He had to learn to drop that habit and she did it in a manner he had never seen before. The mistress cruelly trampled him with her heels and made him realize that his snobbishness could cost him a lot and lead to a lot of pain and hurt.

Lady Anja wanted to scare this loser shitless and that is what she ended up doing. The mistress wanted to see how he reacted to what she did to him and that is why she trampled him with her heels. He cried and begged her to stop but she was just enjoying herself at his expense. And that was all that mattered to her. She only let him go when she got bored.

Lady Shay felt that this guy was due for some degradation and that is what she did to him. The mistress used her sneakers to trample him and in no time, she had managed to torture as well as to humiliate him the way she wanted. He was shocked and he was afraid of her so he was willing to do whatever she asked him so as never to be dominated and humiliated again.

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