POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 18

Lady Zoey had tried to wait for this slave to change and be an honest person but he did not. But even by her standards, she had waited too long and it was now time to switch gears. So she used her hot ass to tease and deny him. The mistress farted on him and turned him into an ass slave. He could not do anything about it and had to rely on her forgiveness.

Mistress Linda more dangerous when she is bored than when she is angry. She knows how to control her anger but she does not know how to control her boredom. Today she was bored and she spent time humiliating her slave using her feet. She had him be a foot slave and then lick her feet as well as her socks. And she did it knowing he would never refuse.

Mistress Enola did not want to have an irresponsible slave in her house. She felt that it was a waste of her time as well as energy to be with an irresponsible slave in her house. So she changed him by trampling and crushing him from head to toe. He did not have a say in the matter and he had to endure all that she did to him and then proved that he had changed.

Mistress Lena used her feet to give this guy a taste of his own medicine. He was a bully and had been warned to stop but he did not. He assumed that everyone was scared of him but he was shocked that mistress Lena did not fear him and in fact, she degraded him and made him lick her feet and suck her toes to send a message that he needed to stop bullying or it would get worse for him.

Mistress Kim was done with her workout and she wanted her smoothie but her slave did not have it ready. She was disappointed in him and she made him lick her bare feet which were sweaty from her workout. He was remorseful for the lateness but she did not want to listen to his excuses. She even made him lick her sneakers before she let him go and prepare the smoothie.

Princess Serena did not like how her colleague liked to mess up. He was careless and did not pay much attention to his work which made her work and those of other colleagues harder. She did not want that to go on so she used her jeans to degrade him. She facesat on him and she crushed his head and his face with her sexy ass to teach him that he needed to improve.

Lady Demona was wearing her sexy and revealing lingerie together with high heels and had a dildo in one hand. She wanted this guy to check out her hot body and get turned on and he was. Then she took the dildo and she shoved it up his butt without using any lubrication. He was shocked at that level of cruelty and he cried out for mercy but she was having fun and did not stop.

This slave had been sulky all day and goddess Lena did not know why. She wanted to find out why so she asked him but he did not talk. She got pissed and she dangled her high heels near his balls and he understood what message she was sending. And that is how he told her what had made him sulk all day. She addressed his concerns and things went back to normal.

Lady Anja wanted to bother these guys. So she tied them up and she stripped in front of them. She had a great time showing off her hot ass and her big tits. She was in sexy stockings and she made sure she teased them to the max. She could see their boners but they could not even touch themselves as she had tied them up. She could see them crying to be let loose but she did not.

Lady Stefanie likes to make fun of unsuspecting guys. She does this by identifying guys who have small dicks and then teasing them to turn them on and then catching them off guard with her small dick humiliation. She then laughs at them and makes them jerk off to satisfy themselves because she cannot fuck a small dick. And she makes them do it to her instructions which are designed to make her have fun at their expense.

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