POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 13

This kinky secretary and her boss had a thing going on and today they were having fun outside the office. She had rented an exclusive house for them to have fun in and on getting there, she removed her bra and she showed it to him. She also did some kinky things which made his blood boil with desire. She made sure he could not absolutely wait before she let him smash.

Mistress Carla felt that this guy needed to be teased and denied. She wanted to humiliate him and that is exactly what she did to him. The guy loved seeing her ass and the naughty things she did to him but without touching him. She had asked him to sit down and watch her put on a show for him. The guy was turned on madly but she only teased and denied him. He cried but she did not let him get some.

Mistress Zephy had been expecting this guy for the past two hours but he was late and he did not bother to explain why he was late. He had not even alerted her that he would be late. She was fuming and when he did not explain himself, she punished him by choking him a little and trampling him. She had to teach him a lesson he would not forget.

While smoking, mistress Sara produced a lot of saliva. And since she did not want to let this guy go as he had pissed her off, the mistress went ahead to make him lick her saliva and swallow it. In addition, the mistress used her cigarette smoke on him. She blew it on his face and she choked him a little in the process. And then she laughed at him.

Lady Naomi loves to go for picnics alone and she was at one today when she realized that this guy was staring at her. He was also enjoying time alone. So lady Naomi took advantage of that and she teased him and she had him do what she showed him. She made jerk off instructions for him and asked him to carry them out and she was shocked when he did.

This mistress is hot and naughty. And she knows that she can do anything she wants. Today was one such day and she turned this guy and her intention was to have fun at his expense. So she used her saliva to humiliate him by asking the turned on guy to lick her saliva from the floor. He did it thinking it would turn her on but it did not.

Mistress Medea was in a naughty mood and she went out of her way to dominate this guy by teasing him and denying him. She did not even touch him. She just invited him to her house and then went head to tease him after she had tied him to a chair to avoid him interfering with what she had planned. He was super turned on but she left him high and dry.

This mistress loves to fart and that is what she was up to today. She did not have anyone to fart on but she had a guy to teach to enjoy farts. She had the guy smell her farts while he held a camera and recorded what she did. The guy smelled them and he was also turned on as he saw her nice ass, her asshole and her pussy.

This mistress loves to degrade and she does it as often as she can. What she does not like to do is to degrade the same person twice. That is because she feels it is boring and instead of that, she would rather do something else like dominate and humiliate different people. And that is what she did today as she trampled this guy she barely even knew and she did it for fun.

This mistress was bored and her boyfriend was busy working and he did not have time for her. She knew how to get him off his laptop and into her pussy so she pretended not to pay attention to him and instead she started playing with herself and she even moaned a bit. He tried to see what was going on and he was turned on immediately and that is how they smashed.

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