POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 15

Mistress Delvia loves her ass to bits and today she wanted to do something nice for it. So she hired a professional photographer and she wanted to have quality framed photos of her butt. And she wanted them to be prominently placed in her house like works of art. And that is exactly what happened and she got the gorgeous images she wanted and she went ahead to frame them.

This old guy thought he had a shot with this mistress because he was loaded but money did not impress this mistress and instead, she punished him and told him that she had hers. So she forced him to lick and smell her ass as punishment and he had no escape route as she promised to do some crazy things to him if he did not cooperate. Fear made him cooperate with the mistress.

Mistress Emily wanted to get some information as well as some highly classified documents. She knew only one thing would work for her and that was her sexy charm. So she used it to tease this guy and drive him wild as he saw what she did. And when he got turned on, she had the chance to control him as well as get what she wanted without much issue or drama.

Goddess Katrina was smoking while wearing sexy clothes. She was skimpily dressed and her hot body was clearly visible. She showed off some skin and she had a great time flirting and making guys think that she was sending a message with the way she smoked. But all she was doing was teasing and denying them and it was all for fun. They found out when it was too late.

Mistress Mayhem never cares about other people's feelings and that was clearly on display here as she made fun of this guy who had a tiny penis. She could not believe he could fuck a girl and make her cum and so she took time to make fun of him because she felt sorry for any girl who fucked him. But she told him to make sure he had a good oral game as it might help him salvage the situation.

Lady Phoenix and her friend are BBW mistresses. The mistresses got attention from this guy who had a crush on them. But they did not fancy him much because they had a hunch that he had a small dick and true to their assumption, he had a small one. They made fun of it as they drank wine and told him he could not have a chance with them. He was humiliated but he could do nothing about it.

Madame Ellen came home bored, pissed and in a bad mood. She found herself taking it out on her slave and she used trash to do it. The mistress forced the poor guy to clean up after her as she made the house dirty and yet he had cleaned it all up. But she did not care and she felt he had to appreciate the fact that she did not beat him up.

Goddess Kiffa and her friends wanted to show off their hot asses and their sexy legs. But they did not want to do it to a guy who was present in the same room with them. So they did it online where they had fun turning on some few guys they had invited for a video chat. The guys could not help but rub one out because of what they saw.

Mistress Medea wanted has never shown off her hot body to anyone she is not dating. That is why she chose to try it out today. She did not know what to expect but that did not deter her from doing it. She went ahead to make the guy get turned on and he was like putty in her hands as she was able to control him and had him do whatever she wanted.

This guy made a huge mistake when he lied to goddess Harley. She did not appear angry but she punished him and he was shocked at the fact that she did it while on phone with a friend. She smothered him with her big ass and she even crushed his balls with her hands. It was as if it was a normal thing for her but he learned not to lie again.

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