POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 6

This mistress is hot and she looks like a baddie. This guy was into her and he wanted to smash her. But she did not give him the chance to do so. Instead of that, the mistress scared him when she told him all the nasty things she wanted to do to him including using toys on him. He got turned off immediately and he was scared shitless and he left hurriedly.

This guy needed to be punished and this mistress was able and willing to do it. She did not want him to think that he was untouchable and that is why she went out of her way to use her heels to trample him. First of all, she told him what she wanted to do before she went ahead to do it and she ensured that he was not just humiliated, but in pain as well.

This slave was acting up and this mistress felt that she had to do something out of the box to make him learn that he would have himself to blame if he pissed her off and continued to act up. So she wore a strapon and she warned him that she would fuck him in the ass with it if he acted up again. He never did it as he did not want that.

Lady Cary had caught her slave smelling her underwear. He did it to the clean ones but she was so pissed at him that she made him do so to her dirty ones. In fact, she gave him the ones which had her discharge and he had to lick the discharge besides smelling them. He was humiliated and he begged her to forgive her promising never to do it again.

Mistress Valentina was trying to reason with this guy but he was illogical and she did not want to deal with him anymore. She chose to punish him when he started getting too personal about things, something she had not done. So the mistress trampled him and she scared him as it had caught him off guard and he was not prepared for what she did to him. He had to beg for forgiveness.

Missy Van Licks did not like how this guy misunderstood her and yet she had given him simple instructions. She was sure that if she did nothing, he would do it again. So she went out of her way to trample him and to dominate him with the help of her friends. They cruelly helped her to torture him and he learned that he could not fail to follow simple instructions.

This guy saw lady Ayse as a piece of meat. He did not see anything else other than that and she was pissed. So she used her hot body to turn him on and control him. She even tied him up before she spat on him to pump some sense into him and he was shocked at the turn of events but he was powerless against everything and had to beg for mercy.

Mistress Mayhem is the complete package. She is full of good vibes when you hang out with her, she has a big ass, her body is full of tats and she has naughtiness in her. And today she was showing off her big ass as well as her tats to this guy who was drawn and infatuated with her. He had never wanted her more than he did that day.

Mistress Isabella took some lotion and she put it in a condom she had bought and she tricked her boyfriend that she had cheated on him. She was doing it because he had pissed her off badly. The guy was visibly pissed and disappointed but he did not know what to do as he had angered her. But she told him it was a lie in the end and he had never been so relieved in his life. He made amends.

Madame Marissa wanted her boyfriend to try licking her feet and she ensured that she had smelly feet. She had told him that she was turned on by the idea of him doing it. He wanted to fuck her brains out when she was turned on so he agreed to lick them. She told him she would let him finger her ass if he licked her smelly feet. It was great for both of them.

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