POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU! - Page 4

Goddess Katrina has a magnificent body. And she never misses a chance to show it off. The mistress was bored at home today and when her neighbor noticed that she was home, he went and tried to spend time with her. But since they did not have much in common, the mistress decided to show off her legs and tease him a little for fun. So she flaunted her legs as she smoked. He loved what he saw but he was left high and dry.

Mistress Morrigan wanted her slave to have a good Christmas. Since she knew he did not have a girlfriend, she felt that his gift for the holidays was to put on a show for him. So she played with her tits and showed him her ass and pussy too. In short, she turned him on and then let him go and finish it with his hands by jerking off.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with someone who did not cooperate with her, she had to humiliate him. The guy was a slave and she did not expect a slave to behave the way the guy behaved. So she used her dirty feet to humiliate him and put him in his position. He did not have a choice but to do things her way and learn his lesson the hard way.

Goddess Harley wanted to get some info from this guy and she interrogated him while she wore her lingerie. The mistress knew that she would turn him on with how sexy she looked and she knew that that would give him power over him and she would control him hence get the right info from him. And that is exactly how it happened. She recorded it all so that she did not miss anything.

When goddess Alaine was arguing with her husband, he told her not to talk too close to his face as he was spitting on his face. She was so pissed by what he did and what he said that she used her spit to humiliate him. She spat on his face and she had him lick it as well as smear the spit all over his face before she stopped.

Lady Naomi wanted to dominate this guy with a used condom and she did it without batting an eyelid. The mistress took out her camera and she recorded the whole thing. She had a great time torturing the guy and making him drink the cum of another man from a used condom no less. He was shocked at what he was made to do but he had no say in the matter.

This girl was a pain in the ass of mistress Madison and she felt that she had to put her in her place and that is why she used her ass to do it. The mistress farted on her and she also forced the poor girl to lick her ass. She also put on a show for the girl and watched as she stared uncomfortably at what the mistress did.

When this mistress noticed that she had a boyfriend who was not wishing her the best, and instead was working for her downfall, she had to show him what she did to people like him. So she used her high heels to trample him and she ensured that she did it all over his body so that he would have the pain of a lifetime. Then she chased him away.

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Gaia had a free weekend and they had to do some naughty things together. The girls got undressed and remained with only their underwear and bras before they recorded themselves doing all kinds of naughty things. They played with their tits, their pussies and even video chatted a guy and have him jerk off instructions which he used to cum as they watched him.

Mistress Kat wanted this slave to know that he would not go far by trying to disobey her and that it would not be advantageous to him at all. The mistress had him lick the dirty boots she was wearing and he had to start with the sole. She also spat the boots to make it more humiliating for him. He had no choice but to do what the mistress asked.

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