POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU!

When this mistress is angry, she can do anything that comes to her mind. And today this guy angered her and what was on her mind was to use her smelly stockings and her cigarette to humiliate him. She did not want to spend a lot of energy to punish him as he was not worth it. So she made him lick her stockings and when he was done, she used him as her human ashtray.

Mistress Xenia wanted to degrade this guy and she used her high heels to do it. He had been rude to her and she wanted to return the favor. So she used her heels to trample him and besides trampling, she also made him lick them. H was shocked at what she did and he learned never to be rude to people he did not know since he was not sure what they were capable of.

Lady Demona does not like arrogant people and when this guy who she had wanted to fuck turned out to be arrogant, she knew she had to send a message to him that he had to shed off his arrogance or they would not work out. The guy did not take her seriously and she proved to him what she meant by teasing and denying him. And she did it in such a humiliating manner.

Princess Serena knew she could not fuck this guy. But she tried certain moves on him and she drove him wild with desire as she did her thing. She showed off her hot body to him and he nearly cried as she refused to put him out of his misery. The mistress then chose to do something for him and she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum.

When this mistress learned that this guy had what she needed, she did not bother to ask him for it because she knew he would not give her. So she used another method to get it. The mistress turned him on with her hot ass and she hypnotized him. She was then able to control him and get everything she wanted from him without having to beg him for it.

This mistress knows that she has a great ass. And she is not afraid to show it off. She actually loves to show it off so that she can get as many stares and compliments as possible. That is usually her primary motivation. That is what she did today as she teased some guys online and got the guys to check out her hot ass as she played with it.

Goddess Nika wanted to drive her man wild and she did it on video as they were not physically together. The mistress had a great time teasing him and she even took out a dildo and she used it to play with herself as he wished he was around to replace it and fuck her brains out. But he had to watch and he was turned on and had to jerk off to feel better.

This mistress wanted to make sure that she had a good way to punish and dominate her slave. The mistress wanted to show him that she was not a pushover and would not condone any nonsense from him or anyone else for that matter. So she took a video of how she dominated him and she forced him to do everything the way she wanted it done. He followed hr instructions to the letter.

This mistress loves to entertain guys for money. She loves it because it gives her good money. She is an easy-going person and she knows how to entertain which makes her suitable for that job. She never fails to turn on guys and make them have a great time even though she always ends up leaving them hungry for more as she only does it online. If they want more, she gives them jerk off instructions.

Lady Stefanie wanted to mess with this guy because she could tell he was a boob guy. The mistress got him to watch as she flaunted her hot tits and touched them. When he tried to ask for more, she did not give it to him. All she did was to make fun of him and tease him then deny him. He was humiliated and took it as a man.

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