POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU!

Mistress Polina did not want to touch this guy. But she wanted to scare the shit out of him. And that is exactly what she was able to do. The guy never thought that anything could happen to him but it did. He was asked to lick her socks and smell them and once he was done, she lied to him that she would crush his balls and he cried and pleaded with her not to do it.

Mistress Dula wanted to ensure that she had the info she wanted from this guy and that is why she resorted to trampling him. The mistress ensured that the guy knew that she would not take no for an answer. That is how she chose to trample him and he cried as she did it. He gave her all the answers she wanted and he wished he had given her the info earlier.

Mistress Jacky had noticed that this slave was acting weird and she wanted to interrogate him. As she interrogated him, she realized that he had messed up and that he was trying to withhold info from her. She did not like it and she chose to punish him with her cigarette. That is how the guy was turned into a human ashtray by the mistress before she let him go.

Mistress Morrigan needed to find a way to deal with this guy. She found out that he was too proud and she had to humiliate him to cut him down a notch. She chose to use her dildo to punish him and she ensured that she scared him painfully. The mistress scared him that she would fuck him in the ass if he did not stop boasting. He was scared and agreed not to mess.

Mistress Kaya had an issue to sort with her friend but she could not as her friend did not want to sort it. She was getting pissed about it and she chose to go ahead and use her feet to punish the guy. He had to lick her feet and she did not care that they were dirty before she had him lick them. He understood how pissed she was.

This mistress noticed that this guy was insecure and she had to come up with a way to dominate him. She felt that it was easier for her to do it and to humiliate him so she took out her dildo and she used it to dominate him. The mistress even went ahead to have him think that she would deepthroat it with him and he got scared of what she would do.

This mistress was mad at her boyfriend because of what he had done. She did not want to let him get off easily and when he tried to beg her for mercy, the mistress used her dirty feet to punish him. He was forced to lick them and to suck her toes before his girlfriend could forgive him. He learned an important lesson as she did what she did to him.

Goddess Yasemin wanted this guy to know that she was not the kind to be pissed off and scared. He tried to do it but instead of it, he found himself being forced to lick her high heels and to do other humiliating things the way the mistress wanted. He never messed up again as he knew what would happen if he ever pissed her off again. He had tried to be a bully but he was bullied instead.

Goddess Kira had caught her husband cheating. She kept quiet and she tortured him mentally as he did not know what she would do next. She never talked to him. She kept planning and when the time was right, the mistress chose to get the husband cuckolded. He also had to drink the other man's cum from the used condom. He never felt so small in his life after what she did to him.

Lady Nightfrozen had loaned this guy some money but he did not want to pay her back. She had to get her money back because the guy had overstayed with it. She knew she had to force him to pay it and she used her strapon to do it. It was a lot of fun for her and she had a great time forcing the guy to pay her back.

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