POV Femdom Clips - Harsh mistresses dominate YOU!

Mistress Zephy was not about to make a deal with an incoherent person. She had given this guy ample time to articulate his issues but he did not and he seemed incapable of doing so. So the mistress cruelly trampled and humiliated him to teach him a lesson that no one had taught him up until then. She let the pain he felt teach him what he had failed to learn.

Mistress Zephy had supported this guy in his studies and that is why she was pissed when he did not pass his exams. She did not want to associate with a failure and so she trampled him and she had him redo the exams. He had to study hard for them and she told him that there was no margin for failure. If he failed again, he would be on his own.

Mistress Lola wanted to try fart fetish and the best person for her to try it on was this guy who was smitten with her. She invited him to her house and he was over the moon about it. But she did not let him get to enjoy what he thought he had gone there for. Instead, she farted on him and had fun humiliating him with the farts which she wanted him to smell.

With her hot ass, this mistress knew she could easily have this guy jerk off. So she gave him a visual of her big round ass and she asked him to jerk off to it. She wanted to see how long he would take to cum. She timed him and wanted to see whether he could do it in under a minute. He did it in a minute and a half.

This mistress has no issue flaunting her hot ass because she knows a lot of guys love it and would love to see it. She asked this guy to check it out and she took advantage of it to turn him on and deny him. The mistress enjoyed seeing the effect she had on him and it confirmed to her how sexy she still was and how desirable she was.

This guy was so into mistress Zephy that he stalked her. When she noticed that, she wanted to use him a little and so she lured him to her house and she used him to get her ass worshipped. When he was done worshipping her ass, she had him lick it and smell her farts before she felt that she was done with him. He never wanted to get near her again.

Mistress Kat noticed that this guy misbehaved a lot and she had to deal with him. She had to find a way to do it and that was when she came sneaker trampling, She used her sneakers to trample him and she also had him lick as well as smell her stinky socks. It was enough humiliation for him and he pledged that he would change with immediate effect. He did.

Mistress Lola found out that this guy was a sissy and she knew she had found someone to try out all her silly experiments on. She wanted to train him how to eat cum and she knew he would do it since he was a sissy. So she made an instructional video and gave it to him to watch. And then she had him try with his own cum first.

When this mistress lost a bet and was made to do something crazy, she knew that she had to get even. And so she prepared for the next one very well and when she won it, she had the guy lick the soles of her shoes. And the shoes were not very clean as she had the guy lick them. A bet was a bet and he had no choice but to lick them.

Mistress Lydia felt that she had to teach this guy a lesson. He was useless to her and she did not like it. She felt that the best way to deal with him was to make him regret what he had done and choose to do better. That is why the mistress used her trampling fetish to teach him a painful lesson and to make him change for the better.

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