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Mistress Masha loves to dominate and humiliate clueless people. That is what she was up to today. She had to educate her slave but this was after she had humiliated him. Humiliating losers and slaves was her payment to educate them. So she had this loser do some crazy and humiliating things as she instructed him on how to do them. When he was done, she switched into teacher mode and educated him.

Mistress Mayhem never cares about other people's feelings and that was clearly on display here as she made fun of this guy who had a tiny penis. She could not believe he could fuck a girl and make her cum and so she took time to make fun of him because she felt sorry for any girl who fucked him. But she told him to make sure he had a good oral game as it might help him salvage the situation.

Mistress Kim was done with her workout and she wanted her smoothie but her slave did not have it ready. She was disappointed in him and she made him lick her bare feet which were sweaty from her workout. He was remorseful for the lateness but she did not want to listen to his excuses. She even made him lick her sneakers before she let him go and prepare the smoothie.

Princess Serena did not like how her colleague liked to mess up. He was careless and did not pay much attention to his work which made her work and those of other colleagues harder. She did not want that to go on so she used her jeans to degrade him. She facesat on him and she crushed his head and his face with her sexy ass to teach him that he needed to improve.

Lady Demona was wearing her sexy and revealing lingerie together with high heels and had a dildo in one hand. She wanted this guy to check out her hot body and get turned on and he was. Then she took the dildo and she shoved it up his butt without using any lubrication. He was shocked at that level of cruelty and he cried out for mercy but she was having fun and did not stop.

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