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This femdom has been wearing three full pairs of socks all day long and they fucking stink of her nasty foot sweat. Now it's time to share them with you. She slowly peels off each pair of socks and smells them. She can barely stand it and it's coming from her own feet. Not it's your turn to take in the stench. Inhale the aromas and tell her she smells perfect.

When a sexy woman walks all over town in her beautiful leather boots, she needs to take a break from time to time. Her boots deserve cleaning, of course, but her nylon-covered feet also need massaging and kissing and worshiping. She's decided you're almost good enough to lick the filth from her shoes and kiss her divine and smelly feet, so you better do what you do best: kiss, lick, and suck on her nylon clad peds until you make a big sticky mess in your undies.

When Saskia goes out to grab the mail, she forgot to put her shoes on. She never wears them anyway so she knows her feet are already filthy. When she comes back in, she is happy to have her slave look at her feet and smell them. Before she goes back to her apartment, she wants her slave to lick the dirt and gravel off her feet. She enjoys having clean feet when walking back onto her white carpet.

Estelle loves nothing more than coming home and relaxing after a long day of work. She loves to have her slaves help her relax when she gets home. She wants her toes sucked and loved. She enjoys the way they smell her stinky feet. She wants to feel their tongues in the cracks between her toes, licking away the sweat. It turns her on when they suck her toes, laving the pads of them.

Mistress Jessica's feet are really dirty after she did a nice walk outside in the park. Now she sits there on the sofa looking at her own soles and thinking about how to get them clean... Then she has an idea! Her brother is a foot fetishist! That's it - she calls out for him (you) and gives him the chance to lick her soles clean. First he refuses but then she lurked that she would tell anyone in school that he has taken her stinky gym shoes to lick them...

Mistress Xenia's feet are really dirty and disgusting. She loves it to make you worship them - so she hold them right into your face to make you lick all the dirt and mud that's stuck on them with your tongue. After that she wants to see how you are swallowing it all for her...

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