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Mistress Gaia has a hot body and she is not afraid to use it to get whatever she wants. The hot mistress used her hot body to tease this guy and when he was turned on, she took control and had fun humiliating him for her own fun. The mistress even recorded it all so that she would enjoy it later on. The guy had no choice but to do as ordered.

This mistress earned peanuts but she loved a good life. She could not manage it with her salary and so she had to get herself a sugar daddy. That is why she had to use her hot body to bait this sugar daddy. She was sure that once he was her hot body, he would want her and it would be easy for her to set the terms of how things would be between them.

Mistress Gaia was paid to teach this guy that he was supposed to toe the line and to do things the way he had been asked to do. That he did not have the chance or luxury of doing things his way. The mistress used her skill to make him realize that he would lose out if he went on disobeying what he was supposed to learn and do without any issues.

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