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Lady Rockabella has sexy feet and many people who are privileged to get to see them always fall in love with them. Today the mistress used her sexy feet as bait to lure this guy for some humiliation which she felt that he needed to undergo. The mistress then made him lick saliva from her feet and the guy could not help but do what the mistress had asked him.

Mistress Medea was in a naughty mood and she went out of her way to dominate this guy by teasing him and denying him. She did not even touch him. She just invited him to her house and then went head to tease him after she had tied him to a chair to avoid him interfering with what she had planned. He was super turned on but she left him high and dry.

Lady Scarlet was not pleased with how this guy made fun of her. He was a loser and it was above him to do something like that. So she had to teach him never to do that again and she teased him and got to her house. Then she used gloves to jerk him off nicely at first then it took a painful path as she crushed his nuts and made it all painful to him as punishment.

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