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Lady Rockabella has sexy feet and many people who are privileged to get to see them always fall in love with them. Today the mistress used her sexy feet as bait to lure this guy for some humiliation which she felt that he needed to undergo. The mistress then made him lick saliva from her feet and the guy could not help but do what the mistress had asked him.

This guy had a fetish for feet and lady Rockabella had some of the best feet he had ever seen. And he was so turned on seeing them that he wanted to fuck them. The mistress agreed to it as she wanted to try it out but she made him pay for it. He had to pay her when he was done as there was no fun in it for her.

Lady Rockabella is a mean person and she is also a sadist. Whenever she wants to torture or dominate someone, which is rare, she does it with all her heart. And she makes sure it is something unforgettable. Today she made this guy watch her as she poured cum into a glass and she mixed something in it and she gave it to him to drink. She made sure he did.

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