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When mistress Kira and mistress Sofi were driving around and this guy nearly hit them, they were pissed as he was careless and they felt that some action had to be taken against him. They followed him and when they caught up with him, they punished him painfully by forcing him to lick their dirty feet and to do other cruel things for him to know that his behavior would not be condoned.

When mistress Kira and mistress Sofi sought to dominate this guy, they did not do it like amateurs. They did it like pros. They did it with high heels as well as with their cigarettes. The guy was turned into a foot slave and he had to endure the pain of being trampled with heels. In addition, the mistresses turned him into a human ashtray and he had to endure the pain too.

This guy was fascinated with mistress Sofi's ass but what he did not know was that she did not care what he felt. All she was interested in was to dominate him as well as humiliate him. And since he had a thing for her and he loved her hot ass, she took advantage of it to dominate him. She turned him into a fart smeller and he had no choice but to do what she wanted.

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