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Mistress Nina was bored but this guy could not tell. All he saw was an interesting and sexy girl flirting with him. He wanted a piece of that ass and since she was wearing a sexy lingerie, he could not think of anything else. He wanted to fuck her but instead of that, he found himself licking her feet as well as doing some demeaning things just to please her.

This mistress wanted to mess with her landlord so she made sure that she had paid her rent first before she teased and denied him. She did not want him to think that she was doing it to get rent relief. She was just doing it for fun and so she teased him and then denied him. He tried to beg her and even promised many rewards but she ignored him and chased him out of her house.

This mistress loves to dominate guys and she does it for fun. She was at it today with her neighbor and she had fun making him jerk off to her instructions. She teased him with her sexy lingerie, her big tits as well as her naughty instructions. He was like putty in her hands and she made him do whatever she wanted him to try. He thought that she would finally fuck him but she did not.

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