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Mistress Dana loves to show off her hot feet. That is what she was up to today. She had this guy check out her feet and he loved them. She was skimpily dressed so he wanted more than she could offer. So she teased him a little and got him to jerk off in order to satisfy himself as she was not going to do anything remotely sexual with him that involved her to touch him.

Mistress Dana does not like people who are dishonest and this guy was. She learned about it when he told her something and he did not do it. He, in fact, tried to change the narrative and she did not like that. She did not want to deal with someone who was dishonest so she humiliated him as cruelly as she could so that it would serve as a lesson to him.

Mistress Dana wanted to show this guy she was seeing how naughty she was. So she chatted with him on video and she was wearing her lingerie. From her sexy tits and her sexy ass, he was already turned on. But she went ahead and she played with her pussy as well as with her big tits and it was a sight to behold for him and he loved her even more than he already did.

Mistress Dana used her hot body to dominate this loser and he did not even realize it. The mistress teased the guy and she turned him on. She is good at it so it was a piece of cake. After that, she manipulated him and she got him under her total control before she financially dominated him. She laughed all the way to the bank when she was done using him.

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